About ME

Hi Everyone! My name is Areena and I am the Cheif Executive officer of Kumari Beauty. Kumari Beauty is a business established in 2020. I always knew that I wanted to make my own income at some point in life by doing things that makes me happy. Around the end of April 2020, after my final exams, I was scrolling through Instagram and Tiktok and came across Entrepreneur Videos and in an instance I became attached to an idea of starting my own Lipgloss line. 
How did I come up with Kumari beauty? Well I wanted to stand out from other beauty business and connect the things I do to my home country, Nepal. "Kumari" is a living goddess in Nepal who embodies the supreme female identity, as is worshipped in all over the country. With Kumari I want to empower women and embrace themselves the way they are. 
I love receiving messages from you all, so please don't hesitate to contact me anytime, any day and let me know about my products or yourself! I love helping other small businesses out as well!
Thank you for reading! 
- Areena